Brand-new media resources are coming, fueling and speeding up your brand.


With the rapid improvement of the living standards of the Cambodian people, despite of the motorcyclists, the number of car owners are increasing rapidly day by day. Gold Zone Media complies with the development of the times and aims for new outdoor communication tools. Based on the existing media resources in Cambodia, Gold Zone joined hands with Kampuchea Tela, a leading oil and gas company in Cambodia, to launch the "Gasoline station light box media" in August 2022, and becoming the first and only gas station media resource owner in Cambodia, Kampuchea Tela has more than 2,000 gas station outlets nationwide. This means that the media resources of Gold Zone Media have further covered every aspect of the drivers in Cambodia.


Currently, the number of cars in Cambodia is 920,000 and the number of motorcycles is 5.2 million. Motorcycles are very convenient as a means of transportation for Cambodians. Everyone from high school students to office workers mostly use motorcycles. Media target audiences  with an average refueling frequency of 4.6 days. 88.4% of the audience stayed at the gas station for 3 minutes or more, with an average stay of 5.3 minutes. When audiences are fueling up, they have a compulsory period to look at the advertisement, which ensures a very high ad reach and connection.


The location of the gas station is superior, and it is located in the core of the city. At present, the location of the gasoline station media advertising owned by Gold Zone Media are excellent, including  Mao Tse Toung Boulevard (opposite to the Chinese embassy), the main way leading to Phnom Penh International Airport and so on. The audience is concentrated, the streets are bustling, the flow of people is large, and the location is stable. The unique rigid demand service attributes of gasoline media advertising determine the customer groups and consumption power they have. Car owners are a group with relatively high consumption power in today's society. It can effectively hit the target audience group and closely related to the social activities of the target audience and is an irreplaceable advertising media network.



Cambodia's huge and growing audience size provides a stable audience base for gasoline media advertising.

The stay time of each car at the gas station is about 3-10 minutes, and the media audience time is mandatory.

The audience is not limited to inbound customers, but also to the main road traffic customers.

Gasoline station light box advertising have a huge frame and a prominent position. Through close-range, high-intensity, and high-pressure product marketing to target consumers, the impact is strong, the attention is concentrated, and the information memory effect is good.

The marketing value of gasoline media advertising is prominent. More and more brands and merchants are turning their attention to gas station advertisements. It is like a "gold mine" that continuously brings surprises to brands.


To get the brand out of the circle quickly, the combination of outdoor media is very important. For advertisers, advertising is often a set of "combined packages", within the required range, to achieve the advertising of multiple channels to ensure the best communication effect. Multi-point placement does not mean blind placement. Reasonable multi-point placement can maximize the benefits of outdoor advertising. Gold Zone Media is here to tailor more professional placement strategies for you.