A red force is overwhelmingly rising in the Khmer land.


STING is a tasty and affordable energy drink from PepsiCo. In recent years, STING can be described as pervasive, and the communication policy is ever-changing. With the rejuvenation of Cambodia's population, brand rejuvenation is imperative. With its affordable price and diversified communication strategies, STING has now become a well-known national energy drink brand in the Kingdom of Cambodia.


STING has now achieved great recognition in the Cambodian market, thanks to its excellent brand communication strategy.

The main consumer groups of STING are the young and new generation in Cambodia. Therefore, STING are exposed on the major e-sports events in Cambodia and even Southeast Asia. Furthermore, STING also appointed a popular Cambodian rapper as their brand ambassador, and held a

concert called MusicVerse that really grasped the interests of young people.



Recently, STING officially launched a very cool advertising video on Cambodia's largest digital LED screen under GOLD ZONE MEDIA, a well-known multimedia operator in Cambodia. This move instantly elevated the brand to another level, becoming the only soft drink brand on the largest digital LED screen in Cambodia, showing the style of a national energy drink should have.



The screen is located between the 5th and 13th floors of THE BRIDGE building. The screen size is nearly 1,000 square meters, which is 12 times the size of the second largest LED screen. In addition, this high-pixel LED screen makes advertisements visible within 2.5 km, better and more professional quality enabling advertisers to deliver high-impact messages to target audiences at the right time. Since the bright, colorful animated showcases are logically more compelling than static ones, and in the most promising areas with an average of 80,000 views per day are expected.



STING is one of the brands under Cambrew Brewery Company, which has operated the first and one of the largest brewers in the Kingdom of Cambodia since the early 1960s. The company provides production and distribution of a wide range of beers, including international and local brands. Since 1992, Cambrew has partnered with Pepsi Co. to bottle and distribute soft drinks in Cambodia, including Pepsi, Mirinda, 7-Up, and STING.



Cambrew is one of the most experienced and established breweries in Cambodia, and this time it has become a benchmark for the rejuvenation of major brands.