Introducing the first expressway advertising exclusively by GOLD ZONE MEDIA.


The highly anticipated and long-awaited PPSHV Expressway, has been operating at full capacity for the past two weeks. According to the Ministry of Public Work and Transport, the statistic show that the traffic on PPSHV expressway in the first 10 days peaked at 125,998 vehicles, averaging up to 10,000 vehicles per day. PPSHV expressway are currently the busiest route with the highest traffic across the country.


The PPSHV expressway connects Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and Sihanoukville, the country’s largest port , through five provinces and cities, with a total length of 187.05 kilometers with four lanes in both directions. It took less than 2 hours to go from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville instead of more than 5 hours, which is very convenient for travelers and boosts the economy. It marks that Cambodia are now officially entry into the era of expressways.


Meanwhile, the well-known multi-media operator in Cambodia, GOLD ZONE MEDIA, has successfully won the bid for the exclusive advertising investment and operating rights of the entire PPSHV Expressway for the period of next 10 years until 2033. GOLD ZONE MEDIA gain the opportunity to bring the first expressway advertisement to the kingdom of Cambodia, it also indicates that another powerful brand communication tool will be appear in the Khmer land soon.



GOLD ZONE MEDIA was established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2016. Its main business are offering multi-media brand communication tools to the customer. GOLD ZONE MEDIA provide media resources such as indoor elevator media, expressway media, outdoor LED, Gasoline station light boxes and also airport advertising. The company also specialize in social media advertising , event planning and brand promotion.


It is reported that the construction of advertising billboard will take place in two stages.  The first phase of expressway advertising will begin with the construction of overhead bridge billboard with a total of 26 locations all along the expressway, with surface area of 160 square meters face to both directions, it expected to be completed by the end of October. 

For the second phase, GOLD ZONE MEDIA will build the uni-pole billboard with two-faced and three-faced on the roadside on all along the expressway, and the construction expected to be complete within next six months. In additional, GOLD ZONE MEDIA will authorize another party to manage and operate the media resources located at the service area.


The Expressway billboards are straight into the audience’s eye and has a strong visual impact to the audience. Furthermore, it also represent a strong symbol of brand identity.