6 Advantages of LCD Advertising


Installation, mobile LCD screens, and LCD wall rental can serve a number of different purposes for a variety of applications, however, when it comes to advertising, digital billboards can make your brand stand out from the rest. With a bright, vivid display, you can capture the attention of passersby instantly, while promoting your desired message or content and increasing sponsorship revenue.

So, if old-school print just isn’t working anymore and you’re looking for a new way to make an impact, take a look at these seven advantages of LCD advertising screens.

1) Bright, Vivid, Attention-Grabbing Displays

Perhaps the biggest advantage of LCD advertising is its attention-grabbing capabilities, perfect for any type of event from festivals to fairs to college events. Because of bright, dynamic display, passersby are much more likely to stop and take in your message. Compared to traditional billboards with a few traditional light bulbs, you can see how someone is much more likely to pick out your content when it’s displayed on a bright and vivid LCD screen. Mobile LCD displays offer ever more flexibility with advertising.

2) Unique Content Opportunities

LCD advertising screens present unique video content opportunities, in that you can display specific content at designated times. Throughout the day, you can shuffle messages; for example, as a restaurant operator, you could display a happy hour-specific advertisement to rush-hour traffic, and then advertise the night’s live music lineup once happy hour has ended. You can essentially deliver many different ads at many different time intervals, transmitting unique information to unique audiences. Rich content opportunities make LCD display boards perfect foreffective brand marketing.

3) Operational from Anywhere

The great thing about digital advertising technology is that it can be operated remotely with just a simple WIFI connection. You can control any number of billboards with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you have an advertisement that’s resonating with your audience in Atlanta and want to try it out in Miami, all you need to do is upload your content to the back-end of your display software and it will start running the ad in a new market.

4) Complete Control of Your Message

When you sponsor an event using digital billboards, you have complete control of your message. If you own a storefront business, for example, you can capitalize on walk through traffic and impulse buyers with flash deals and short-term discounts. LCD screens are great at capturing those retail buyers that might otherwise walk right past your store without noticing it.

5) Low Maintenance & High Durability

Digital billboards require low maintenance and are highly resistant to damage. Traditional billboards, on the other hand, feature vinyl that’s easily damageable and light fixtures that require constant upkeep. When you compare the two, it’s easy to see why the new-school LCD technology is becoming the preferred choice for advertisers across the country.

6) Higher ROI on Out-of-Home Advertising

With a static billboard, the business has to put up the money for the production of the vinyl advertisement in addition to the flight (ad space rental) costs. With a digital billboard, there are essentially zero production costs, as it can all be created on a computer and uploaded instantly to the LCD software program. All you be paying for are the flights. Digital advertising displays will be a breath of fresh air in your OOH advertising strategy while providing more value for your investment.