How to Reach Your Target Market With OOH


Your target market is a group of people that your products or services are designed for. For example, if you have a high end jewelry line, you would target a high income demographic. Below we discuss ways to identify your target market as well as how to reach them using outdoor advertising. 

1- Look at current customers

Look at your customers and identify trends between them. Is there a specific age group that occupies more than 50% of your sales? Do your customers have similar occupations or hobbies? There are multiple ways to categorize your customers: Age, Gender, Location, Income, and Lifestyle. Identifying trends within your customer database will allow you to determine who is more likely to purchase your product or services.

2- Review your products or services

It is important to analyze your products or services and understand the benefits they offer. Once these benefits are determined, you can narrow down what demographics will benefit from these products or services. These are the people you want to target. For example, if you offer home care services for the elderly, your ideal target market are people the age of 65+ as they receive the most benefits from your services.

3- Check out the competition

Look at your competitors marketing strategy. Who are they designing their marketing for and who do they want to purchase their products or services? By viewing your competitors target market, or a company within the same industry, this can assist you with identifying your target market.

4- Reach your target market with OOH

Once you establish your target market, let Inspiria Outdoor help you reach them. There are multiple media formats designed and positioned to best reach your target market. If you are looking to reach the daily commuter, bus or rail advertisements would best boost your brand. If you want to target shoppers, mall and supermarket/pharmacy advertising will position your brand in front of the eye of the consumer.