Advantages of Elevator Advertising


Elevator advertising is growing in popularity among small business owners. In addition to meeting ease-of-use and budget criteria, elevator ads offer a creative and effective marketing resource for small companies that need to make an impression on a specific consumer niche or B2B market segment. Although elevator advertising is most common in urban centers, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations has led to the installation of elevators in buildings throughout the nation – creating new marketing opportunities for the small business community.

If you're still not sure whether an elevator ad is right for your company's advertising campaign, consider the following advantages of elevator advertising:

· Creative benefits. In some high rises, elevator ads have become highly creative centerpieces that generate buzz through cleverness or visual appeal. From full elevator wraps to enhancements that are affixed to the building's architecture – if you can dream it, it's probably being done by the most creative elevator ad companies.

· Microtargeting. Other types of advertising don't give you much control over who sees your ad. But with elevator advertising, you can microtarget your ads by region, by neighborhood or even by building. The ability to focus the impact of your advertising dollars has never been more promising.

· Cost-effectiveness. The cost-effectiveness of elevator advertising is one of its primary draws for small businesses. While you could easily drop hundreds or even thousands on an untargeted newspaper ad, an elevator ad can cost as little as $20 a month, depending on the ad format and number of locations you purchase.

· Continuous exposure. Remember that newspaper ad you dropped big coin on? That ran once before it found a new home in recycling bins across the city. Elevator ads work for you around-the-clock, embedding themselves deeper and deeper in your customer's buying psyches with each passing day.

· Editing capacity. Unlike other forms of advertising, elevator ads can be edited on a daily or even hourly basis. For example, LCD digital elevator displays make it possible for your company to run different ads in the morning, afternoon or evening.