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Many Years of Traditional Media are less effective (多年传统媒体难见成效)

1. Chaos Media (媒体纷乱

In Cambodia, as a traditional media, there are more than hundreds of Chinese/Khmer/English newspaper, TV station, Radio station, outdoor advertisement etc. Advertising display appeared as “main appearance but low service”, lack of monitoring and data support for advertising.


2. Much Money Invested, But Less Effective (重金之下,难见成效

First, Prince Real Estate almost tried with all kinds of media, spend a lot of advertising fees, but basically return with less effective result, and advertising accuracy is difficult to measure. 初期,太子地产几乎尝试了所有媒体,广告花费不菲,但是基本都收效甚微,且投放精准性难以衡量。

3. Strong Competitive (竞争激烈

Phnom Penh city scale is small, but real estate industry develops fast, there are more than hundreds of Local and international real estate companies, resulting in extremely fierce property sales, The way to quickly, accuracy, low cost to seek out consumers groups became a difficult topic for real estates.


Invest in Elevator Media (一朝下注电梯媒体)While considering on potential media for advertising, elevator media first come into Cambodia, this type of advertising already succeed in other countries such as China and Thailand, make Prince Real Estate interested in it, and immediately build the long term cooperation. Prince real estate mainly focus on hotel, office center, and high-rise apartment to continuously and accuracy to advertising. 正在苦思有效推广方式之际,楼宇电梯传媒进入柬埔寨,这种已经在中国、泰国等多个国家得到有效验证的广告形式立即引起太子地产的注意,并迅速建立长期合作关系。太子地产重点选择在酒店、写字楼、高端公寓进行精准持续投放。

Choosing elevator media and cooperate with Gold Zone Media is one of the reasons to cause Prince Real Estate become top sale.


Actual Poster Installation:


Type: Single Frame;Located: A One Hotel (Install date: December-2017)


Type: Single Frame;Located: Sun City (Install date: 27/08/2018)

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