Gold Zone Media

Gold Zone Media (GZM) has been established in Cambodia in 2016. Currently, GZM have successfully cooperated with lots of local & international company brands and planning to develop to become a multimedia company.

From the beginning of the establishment, GZM has been moving toward the goal of developing more resources in Cambodia, we hope that our ads reaches the target audience more accurately and simultaneously strives to serve more brands in the future.

Our company

Our mission is to provide the best advertising experience and effectiveness to all the brands around the globe.

The experts in the industry joining the experts in the field

15+ years experience in Asia, you will be hard pressed to find a more qualified team. Gold Zone boasts the most synergized team with international advertising experts teaming up with local experts who know the ins and outs of the Cambodia.

Quality Products, Installation and After – Service

High quality frames, clear installation processes and strong supply chain for our ad spaces. Our after-service team makes sure that ads are accurate, and all equipment is well-maintained. And if there is a problem, our team will be right there to respond.

Our Teams
Jason Shen
Managing Director
Bruce Wang
Vice Managing Director
Horm Hav
Director of Sales & Marketing
Low Distraction
Fewer distractions and terrible mobile receptions inside elevators leaving viewers little room to do anything else but view your ads. Since Elevator media can not be switch channel or "Avoided", so it is effective for building brand awareness.
High Number of Loops
Frames display 24 hours in the elevator and videos display 150+ times/day/LCD. People in the building normally use the lift or pass the LCD area for 3 to 4 times a day that makes it the first and last thing your customer see at work and home.
Target Audiences and Common Area
Reaching a large number of people is good, but reaching the right customer is more important. Frame and LCD are placed in the premium building, and people mostly spend more than 2 min to wait for elevator per time.
Our Client